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Be the Customer: Marketing Mini

Are you creating content for yourself OR your ideal client?

Effective marketing should focus on solving the problems of your ideal customer. Put yourself in their position. In a social media environment your job as a business owner is to provide value, inspiration and education to your prospective customer- with a dash a sales.

This positions your business as the expert in your field. Remember- no one wants to be “sold to” in every post. This tone turns your customers off! Be thoughtful and giving - not “cheesy” and ALWAYS Branded!

Some examples:

Business: Accountant

Ideal Client: Small to Medium Size Business Owners

Value Added Social Media Content: Explanation of new tax laws, Entrepreneur Inspiration, Money saving ideas, Live Q & A, Visuals created with Testimonials ...

Business: Real Estate Broker

Ideal Client: New Home Owners, Retirees, and those looking to sell their home

Value Added Social Media Content: New Listings and just sold homes to show success, Curb appeal and staging tips, Local Market education...

Business: Coffee House

Ideal Client: Local College students and Entrepeneurs

Value Added Social Media Content: Daily coffee specials or weekly contests, coffee quotes, Healthy Coffee Facts, How speciality drinks are made...

Does this seem important yet overwhelming?

Delegate it to a Branding Specialist - Lets Talk

or call us: 910.770.3151

Just remember the content needs to match the platform (cheat sheet from Acorn):

Social Media Cheat Sheet

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