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Connect Those Dots in Business

Oh those Dots... they are rarely ALL connected, but they require our attention none the less!

For Solo-Entrepreneurs or CEO's and every key player in between, attention must be payed to the details. These things can be small, simple, or trivial, or they can be complex and game changing

These details can be in:

Basic Branding:

  1. Do I have brand standards?

  2. Is my company abiding by our corporate branding standards?

  3. Have those standards been updated to reflect new goals or recent brand refreshing?

  4. Are my profile images consistent?

  5. Is our contact information filled out on all profiles and, are platform pages connected and supporting each other?


  1. Has leadership agreed on tone and goals, and are these reflected in our images and messaging in our media outlets?

  2. Are we building on our tag line?

  3. Are we educating our ideal clients, so they understand why our products or services are superior?

  4. Are we providing positivity and value in our community?


  1. Are Leadership, Sales, and Marketing taking full advantage of opportunities to present the brand to as many audiences as possible? Public speaking? Social Media? Networking

  2. Are Leadership, Sales, and Marketing utilizing their own social media platforms to prospect and create selling opportunities? Being a practitioner allows you to better understand these soft touches.

The amount of avenues and touch points that any size company has in this day and age can be overwhelming, but this is exciting, and allows for much opportunity. Shine the light on new platforms and ways to reach your customers. The companies that are NOT digging deep and paying attention are the ones that will fade into the economic desert.

So pick an area and focus on it. Get clear and make changes and create discussions as to what is working and what isn't. Then move to another area.

Marketing and sales are NOT one and done. They are the fuel of your company, and no company wants to be caught in the economic desert with no fuel.

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