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Fire & Gasoline

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” Jay Baer

Your business has a message... a passion ... something to teach!

Please always consider WHAT you have to share with the world - this is your content. Your content should live on your website, blog, youtube channel, etc.

Social media allows you to spread or annouce or show that message off. Post a link to Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter, etc. Create live events on fb.... video yourself executing your craft...


Photographers can discuss lighting or how they pick locations

Real Estate Brokers can discuss negotiating, staging, pricing, etc

Chefs can video a technique or their travels.

Accounting firms can discuss latest tax education or the value of delegating payroll

Content and Social Media are soft selling opportunities - you should always be considering what tips or info your ideal client would be interested in. Social Media is a way to add fuel to your value and spread your message.

These are things you can do on your own but Studio 110 Works is also here to help you with the fire and the gasoline.

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