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Get Customer Clear

"Clarity affords focus." Thomas Leonard

You have a business (or an idea for a business).

You have a name. logo. business cards.

You have been in business for 20 years or 20 days....

Getting a clear picture of your ideal customer or client is a great exercise in clarity or refocus. Markets change. Processes change...... everything changes!! So periodic "check-ins" can really be beneficial to you and your team.

Ask yourself or your sales team:

1. What would a customer buy from you?

A Service? A Product? Experience?

2. What is the advantage of what you sell them?

Piece of mind? comfort? saves them time? Luxury? Health? (the list is endless...)

3. What is their age? Are they male or female?

You are not eliminating a demographic by defining this - but these types of generalizations will direct processes.

4. Where do they live? How much money do they make?

5. Why do they buy from you and not your competitor?

6. How will your ideal customer find out about your product or service?  What sites do they visit, what stores do they shop in, where is their attention?

Coffee Houses? Retired and they travel? They spend time on Instagram and Pinterest for DIY and recipes....

7. What factors are your customers likely to consider before making a purchase?

8.List all the ways you currently contact your potential ideal customers.  What is their preferred method of being contacted?

Email. Phone Calls. You wait until they contact you. Social Media. Referrals....

By defining the WHO you can make a plan to reach them with your amazing product or service. When your team is clear then they know where to prospect and you can determine how to market and reach them. Will a Facebook Group and live videos help? Informative email campaigns? Public speaking to their groups? Paid social media advertising? Event Marketing? Podcasting? Creating specific packages that will solve their problems??

Get Clear and Get in Front of Your Audience!

If we can help with any part of your plan please reach out today

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