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Make A Wish

It's my birthday...

and the making the wish part is one of my favorite parts!

I even think wishes and mindset overlap.

So for my birthday.... Here are 12 ( March 12th) wishes/reminders for myself, my tribe and my business minded peeps. Feel free to borrow them, use them, add to them, share them in anyway that speaks to you.

1. Happiness.

Happiness is subjective. Today it maybe a warm and sunny day (its gray and cold as I type). Tomorrow it may be time with loved ones. Next week it may be landing that big account or creating that awesome content or piece of art or taking some time to cuddle with your child or fur-baby or paying off that bill or belly laughing. The key is to acknowledge and celebrate it and many times it brings you more.

2. Know your worth.

Its not cocky its healthy.

3. Do your best.

Try hard and people will respond. Not all people. But your people :)

4. Get quiet.

Meditation or prayer or listening and not talking. Its powerful to quiet the chatter and sit in peace.

5. Power of Love.

Giving and receiving love can heal many hurts. When you show love and care for someone it will come back times 10 and ALL people deserve love and respect and care...even the mean ones

6. Create.

Whether for fun or because it is a God given talent that oozes out of you or because it is your job.... The act of creating is bravery and vulnerability swirled - but oh the outcome. Even the mistakes or the misses get you closer to the good stuff and the world needs your good stuff!

7. Want More.

Its not greedy or selfish to want more. Write those goals down..... More time, more travel, more strength, more beach days, more friends, more money, more love. Goals are good. Celebrate and give thanks to each "more" you experience. Our time here is to grow and learn and make mistakes and learn some more and teach others.

8. Ignore the haters.

Hate and judgement of your life or choices is not really about you.... its about the hater.

9. Love the haters anyway.

Because they deserve love too. Don't confuse love for weakness. But if we volley back hate to the haters then just what did we accomplish.

10. Be silly

Because it is fun.

11. Exercise empathy

In business, it may be anticipating needs or build your clients up or giving a little more than you get. Good customer service and being a good friend is a pretty serious super power but it requires attention and thought. Empathy burpees anyone?

12. Say thank you.

To gifts. To compliments. To pain. To disappointment. To wrinkles :(

To love. To miracles. To opportunities. To mistakes. To peace.

To clients (happy and otherwise).

To sunsets. To obstacles. To daughters. To sons. To parents and caregivers. To pets. To teachers. To the suns reflection on water. To a smile. To wisdom.

To another day to try....

Love to you all - and Happy Birthday to me.

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