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New Year Better Business

Isn't it exciting to see the possibilities of a new year?

It is also a great time to take inventory and make tweaks and changes.

New Year - Marketing Review:

Review your Basic Branding

  • Redesign or reorder business cards

  • Review & update your website. Look at your services and hours and contact information and test the hyperlinks to social media etc

  • Standardize your company email. One standard font, color, and signature

Reprint or Redesign Printed Collateral

  • Brochures or postcards

  • Presentation folders

  • Giveaways: T-shirts, Magnets, Travel Mugs, etc

Social Media

  • Choose 2-3 platforms that best fit your audience and your business and commit to spending time on each.

  • Increase your posting and research best times to post Example - Instagram posting should be 1-2 times per day

  • Use the same profile pic on your social media platforms. Its brand consistency and makes you easily recognizable

  • Facebook Business - Update or complete your “about” page

  • Facebook Business - Pin a post –you can keep the most important or current info at the top of your feed

  • Post when your fans are online - Pay special Attention to your Facebook Insights

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