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Engagement is not just an analytic or measurement of your marketing efforts.


Be Present

Be Grateful

Answer Questions

Bring Value



Be Positive

Social Media allows your brand to engage with current and prospective customers. Taking advertising from a presentation or a message - ONE WAY - to - a Conversation - TWO WAY!. If someone called your company would you leave them hanging? Go Silent? no because that would be rude.

Sounds great right... but this requires your business to be present and responsive wherever the conversation is happening.

89% of social media messages to brands go ignored. *

1. Are you replying to comments? Inbox or Direct Messages? When people take the time to ask a questions or provide a comment or compliment - they expect a response. No response is worse than a clumsy response - even just a "like" or Emoji will work

2. Are you following, encouraging, or interacting with your tribe or those you want in your tribe? Unless you are Beyonce you should be following and listening to others.

3. Please remember that following, liking, retweeting, responding, commenting, inboxing, direct messaging, etc etc - prompts a notification - which reminds your audience that they matter and you are current and progressive.

Millennials and Gen Xers are twice as likely to follow brands on social than baby boomers.*

1 in 3 consumers would mention a brand when sharing a personal milestone or accomplishment on social media.*

If your are engaging - Keep it up! Increase your activity - Utilize stories and illustrate your process/ behind the scenes. Utilize ad products/ hashtags/contests. Try videos, stickers, or gifs. Add another platform - Pinterest, Linkedin, Houzz

If your company is not active on 3 platforms - you should get busy. That page you set up 2-5 years ago that resembles a ghost town.... does not count. BUT is can be revitalized!

Think- Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter... to start.

There is power in Connecting!

Social media and messaging accounts for roughly 1 in every 3 minutes users spend on the internet.*


Studio 110 Works is a Branding Boutique led by Leigh Fowler, Specializing in marketing strategy, social media and digital applications, print and email.


*statistics from Sprout Social 2018

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